Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate Health Benefits | Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is also known as “Superfood” made up with a higher percentage of cocoa seeds. Many studies prove that it is highly antioxidant and dark chocolate Health benefits is lower the risk of heart disease, lower cholesterol and also prevent memory decline.

But Consumption of dark chocolate should be limited to avoid negative effects dark chocolate like weight gain, Migraine, and Weak bone structure. Eating dark chocolate has both good and bad effects on your body. So we should limit the eating of dark chocolate for a healthy life.

Some listed Health benefits of Dark Chocolate:

  • 2 Cup of hot chocolate a day improves the flow of blood in the brain which reduces memory decline in older people.
  • Eating 50-70 gram of dark chocolate 2-3 times in a week help in reducing weight.
  • Taking the moderate quantity of dark chocolate also helpful in reducing stress.
  • Also may help in improves blood flow and lower blood pressure.
  • Dark Chocolate may also maintain or raises good cholesterol levels.

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